About Me

You’ve done it. You’ve decided. This is it.

After years of just thinking about it, you’ve finally decided that you’re going to learn how to play guitar.

Congratulations! You’re about to begin an amazing journey as you learn to play the world’s coolest musical instrument. You should be excited about what you’re about to do, but at the same time I understand that you may be a little uneasy, and have a lot of questions like:

  • What kind of guitar should I buy? Acoustic or electric?
  • Once I get a guitar, how the heck do I take care of it?
  • My guitar’s strings are making a buzzing sound, is that normal?

… and a hundred other questions, I’m sure.

That’s Where I Can Help

Tracking down the source of a mystery buzz on an Ibanez Edge Pro 7 bridge

Tracking down the source of a mystery buzz on an Ibanez Edge Pro 7 bridge

I’m Bobby, The Guitar Answer Guy.

I’d love to guide you down this path and answer your questions along the way. I want to help you avoid making the mistakes that I made in my early days, when I inadvertently did some really stupid things to my guitars (and other people’s guitars). Your guitar isn’t just an object, it’s precious, so you don’t want to accidentally damage it like I did.

If you don’t have any guitarist friends you can chat with, well, now you “know a guy.” You can contact me anytime with your guitar questions and concerns. I usually respond within 48 hours.

More About Me

I began playing guitar in 1987, and over the years I’ve given private guitar lessons, studied Jazz guitar in college, and ran my own “guitar tech” business for 2 years. I’m an Air Force veteran who now lives with two very lovely ladies: my girlfriend Abigail and our rescued ex-racing greyhound Truly.

Curious about what guitars, gear, and accessories I use? You can see all that on my Guitars & Gear page.