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Clean That Guitar BEFORE You Polish It

Clean That Guitar BEFORE You Polish It

Before you squirt any polish on your guitar, you need to clean it first. Revolutionary concept, right? Well, if this was common sense I wouldn’t be seeing legions of people, day after day, reaching for a bottle of guitar polish to “clean” their guitars. If there’s any significant dust or dirt sitting on your guitar’s […]

Things You Should Never Expect From a Guitar

Things You Should Never Expect From a Guitar

I’ve seen just about everything over the years: Guitars that have never been cleaned. Guitars that have had the same (usually rusty) strings on them since they were first purchased. Guitars damaged because their owner took them hiking or camping with no more protection than a gig bag. Guitars abandoned to the closet and never […]

Buying Guitars Online - Setting Realistic Expectations

Buying Guitars Online – Setting Realistic Expectations

One thing that really burns me up is seeing negative reviews left for guitars ordered online–for things that aren’t actually problems or, in some cases, are completely normal. When putting together my recent post on really great beginner electric guitars, I read a lot of negative guitar reviews on Amazon that were totally unfounded. That’s […]

Really Great Beginner Electric Guitars

Really Great Beginner Electric Guitars

Last Updated: Sept 15, 2017 A Twitter follower once asked me what electric guitar I’d recommend for a beginner with a max budget of around $200 total (for guitar, amp, tuner, etc.). So, I wrote a blog post for her where I recommended two all-in-one “starter packs” that are a great value for someone with […]

How to trade-in or sell your guitar to a music store

How to Trade-In (or Sell) Your Guitar to a Music Store

I just returned from a very successful outing where I traded-in an old Classical guitar to a local music store. I’m very happy with how the deal turned out–which I’ll detail down in the “My Actual Deal” section at the end of this post if you’re interested. While sitting here congratulating myself, it occurred to […]

9 Guitar Care Myths... Explained

9 Guitar Care Myths… Explained

When you spend as much time talking to guitarists as I do, you hear it all–myths, misconceptions, misinformation, and outright legend. This is especially true when it comes to guitar care and maintenance. However, there are some that I hear over and over, and that’s what prompted me to write this blog post. Here, I’ve […]

Essential Pedals Every Guitar Player Should Have

Essential Pedals Every Guitar Player Should Have

There’s an ocean of different effect pedals out there. From individual pedals to multi-effects to amp-based and even software, the number of options we have as guitar players is growing everyday. This huge variety can be intimidating for new guitar players. Luckily, we can break the vast sea of options down into a handful of […]

How do You Find Time to Play Guitar?

How Do You Find Time to Play Guitar?

For a couple months straight, I’ve found myself with NO time to play guitar. Between my full-time job, this blog, and all of life’s other priorities I’ve found myself with zero time to pick up my axe, much less set down and get a proper practice session in. Kind of ironic in light of my […]

Best Electric Travel Guitars

Best Electric Travel Guitars

I need an electric travel guitar, so I’ve been doing a lot of comparison shopping online–feverishly reading Amazon reviews, watching YouTube videos, and soaking-up anything that’ll help me pick a little travel axe I can take on flights with me. Yes, I wrote a blog post on flying with a guitar awhile back, but I’d […]

Guitar Practice - How to Beat Procrastination and Drudgery

Guitar Practice: How to Beat Procrastination and Drudgery

If you’ve been playing guitar for at least a few years, then you’ve undoubtedly had times where you’ve procrastinated rather than practiced. Now, I’m not talking about putting off guitar to do legitimate tasks like laundry, housework, feeding the kids, etc. I’m talking about doing crap like Facebook, video games, television, etc. when, deep down […]

Guitar Cases: The Ultimate Guide

Guitar Cases: The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated: Sept 9, 2017 I still see it every now and then… A guitar being toted around without a guitar case–completely naked and open to the elements. The owner is usually gripping it by the neck or has it tucked under their arm like a school book. The guitar is just one wrong-turn away […]

Thalia Capo Review - 200 Series

Thalia Capo Review – The 200 Series

Quick Note: Thalia capos sometimes sell out (temporarily) on Amazon. If you click a link or button in this article and land on a blank Amazon page, fear not. You can order from Thalia’s website too: Man I hate buying capos. Unless you can try the thing on your guitar(s) first it’s a real crap-shoot. […]

Tonika - Soviet Guitar

Tonika – The “Worst Guitar Ever”

In the electric guitar’s short history, there is a single instrument that has earned the title of “the worst electric guitar in existence.”1 The Tonika was the very first solid-body electric guitar manufactured in the Soviet Union, and its legend has made it into a collector’s item for all the reasons we’d usually pass on an […]

Hercules AGS Guitar Stand Review

Hercules AGS Guitar Stand Review – GS414B

It’s ironic how much damage can happen to your guitar when you’re not even playing it. One of the most common scenarios is your guitar getting knocked off the stand, or the guitar stand itself getting knocked over (with your guitar in it). While you can get traditional tripod or A-frame style guitar stands for […]

Is the Future of Guitar... Minimalist?

Is the Future of Guitar… Minimalist?

Being someone whose interest in guitars only began in the late 90s, I missed out on the ridiculous inventions that came out in the 70s and 80s that never seemed to catch on. There were a lot of metallic and fiberglass contraptions that made bold claims about the future of the electric guitar – but […]

G7th Performance 2 Guitar Capo Review

G7th Performance 2 Capo Review

I’ve been wanting a new capo for awhile now–one that can be placed and moved easily with one hand, but isn’t a big mechanical contraption hanging off my guitar neck. That pretty much ruled out all the “trigger style” capos on the market. This is why I was intrigued with the G7th Performance 2 capo. It seemed like […]

When a guitar string won't intonate

Why That ONE Guitar String Just Won’t Intonate

Last Updated: June 25, 2017 “I’ve moved my saddle is as far forward/backward as it can possibly go, but the stupid string will not intonate!” If this is you, you’re in the right place. This article is for those of you who already know what intonation is and how to set it on your guitar, […]

Lauren Passarelli

Interview: Lauren Passarelli Answers YOUR Guitar Questions

This week we’re joined by Lauren Passarelli, a guitar professor at the Berklee College of Music since 1984, instructor, and author of two Kindle ebooks: Guitar Insights (minor tweaks, major results) and Guitar Insights, Myths and What Matters. Lauren is also a Beatles’ expert, performer, songwriter, recording engineer, record producer, and the list goes […]

Flying with a guitar (as checked baggage)

Flying With a Guitar as Checked Baggage

Greg Asks: “I was wondering if you had any suggestions for flying with a guitar if it is not allowed to be carried on the plane.” Hi Greg! Even though there’s a law that allows musical instruments on flights, it doesn’t mean air crew have to let you take your guitar into the cabin. Just […]