Gifts for Guitar Players 2017

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Buying gifts for guitar players is tough if you aren’t a guitarist yourself. So, for 2017 I’ve hand-picked a list of goodies that I myself (a guitarist of 28+ years) would love to receive as gifts. Some are things that I already use, so I know they’re great. No cheesy gimmicks here, just awesome gift ideas.

This gift guide doesn’t contain guitar strings, guitar picks, or guitar effects pedals. That’s because buying these items as gifts is very risky, because guitarists can be pretty picky about these specific items.

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $10

Drill Bit Peg Winder

Attach this string winder to a cordless screwdriver or drill and your string changes become lightning fast. I use this myself for every string change.

Guitar Savers Premium Strap Locks

Many guitars have been severely damaged because one end of a strap slipped off the guitar. These ingenious little “locks” dramatically reduce the chance of this ever happening.

F-ONE Fretboard Oil Cleaner and Conditioner

A light treatment with F-ONE about 1-2 times per year will keep a guitar’s fretboard nourished and protected. F-ONE has emerged as my favorite for this task, and is what I’ve been using exclusively for several years now.

String Fuel Cleaner & Lubricant

Guitar strings get dirty. That’s a fact. String Fuel removes the gunky buildup, leaving them feeling slick and sounding like new again. This means you don’t have to change strings as often!

Guitar ONE All-in-One Cleaner, Polish, and Wax

I’ve used many guitar polishes over the years, and this one has risen to the top as my favorite. It’s all I use now for routine polishing. Great stuff!

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $25

NS Pro Guitar Capo

If the guitarist in your life doesn’t already have a capo, this little workhorse is small, unobtrusive, ultra-lightweight and super easy to use. It’s one of several capos I own, and I love it.

Folding Guitar Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

The best of both worlds, this compact little guitar stand will hold either an electric or acoustic guitar. Got multiple guitars? Go ahead and buy 2 or 3 of them!

NS Micro Sound Hole Tuner for Acoustic Guitar

This tiny guitar tuner fits inside the guitar’s sound hole. Easily accessible and visible by the guitar player , but virtually invisible to the audience. I did an in-depth review of this tuner here.

Cradle Cube Neck Support

If you’ve ever seen their guitar flat on its back on the floor or kitchen table, then they need the Cradle Cube. It gives the guitar proper support and holds it securely during cleaning, maintenance, and string changes.

How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great

This is THE book I recommend to guitarists who want to know the how to properly set-up and maintain their electric guitars. Packed with practical advice that every electric guitar owner should know.

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $50

Guitar Case Backpack System

Need to transport your guitar by bike, motorcycle, or scooter? Keep your hands free with this backpack-style adapter, which allows you to strap your acoustic or electric guitar case securely to your back.

The SpiderCapo

If you’re not a guitarist, it’s hard to describe what this cool little gadget does. Suffice to say that this gift will bring a lot of enjoyment if they don’t already own one. Best for intermediate – advanced guitar players (not beginners).

Power Peg Pro, Battery Powered String Winder

If the guitar player in your life can’t use the drill bit peg winder listed in the “Under $10” section above, this is also a great way to dramatically speed up string changes.

Guitar Tone: Pursuing the Ultimate Guitar Sound

We guitar players seem to be on a lifelong quest for “the ultimate guitar tone.” This highly entertaining book is a fun read, packed with practical advice. It makes a great gift for guitar players.

Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set

This awesome screwdriver set is designed specifically for guitar work. If the guitar player in your life likes to tinker with their guitars, they’ll love this all-in-one set as a gift.

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $75

Complete Acoustic & Electric Guitar Care Kit

If it isn’t obvious by now, I love Music Nomad’s guitar care products, and this complete kit contains everything guitar owners need to keep their acoustic or electric guitar clean and shiny, including the fretboard and strings.

Mogami Gold Guitar Cable (18 ft)

A Mogami cable is one of the best guitar cables money can buy. Mogami uses the finest connectors, materials, and assembly techniques, and is backed by their “no excuses” lifetime warranty.

Thalia Guitar Capo

Even if the guitar player in your life already has a capo, they don’t have one like this. Thalia is the “luxury car” of capos. There are a number of styles available and every Thalia capo comes with 14 interchangable fret pads to ensure a perfect fit on any guitar, including 12-string guitars.

Folding Hardwood Guitar Case Rack

By itself, it doesn’t look like much, but this classy ash hardwood stand keeps guitar cases neatly organized, upright and side-by-side. Holds 5+ guitar cases, depending on case thickness.

Lock-It Leather Guitar Strap w/Locking Technology

Guitar straps popping off is a serious problem for guitar players. This strap gives you the luxury of leather and the safety of strap locks built right in! Available in brown or black.

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $100

iRig HD 2 Digital Guitar Interface (iPhone, iPad, & Mac)

This awesome little gadget allows you to connect your guitar to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer–so you can access a vast world of digital effects and recording. Includes a headphone jack for privacy, as well as 1/4″ output jack so you can run your effects out to a guitar amp or mixing console.

Three Instrument Guitar Rack

The Hercules 3-instrument guitar rack keeps 3 guitars (including bass guitars) safe and neatly organized, and looks cool too! There is also a bigger 5-guitar version too.

“Roadie” Automatic Guitar Tuner

This revolutionary tuner actually tunes your guitar for you, automatically. You simply pluck the string you want to tune, and The Roadie does the rest. Amazing!

E-Bow for Guitar

Look at any other list that suggests gifts for guitar players and the E-bow is always there.The E-Bow is a hand-held device that uses electro-magnetism to create amazing, harp-like sound effects on electric guitar.

Guitar Center Gift Card

Gift cards make awesome gifts for guitar players. Specify any amount, and then your guitar playing friend can buy whatever they want online or in a Guitar Center store. Short on time? You can also choose the email delivery option.

Have a Gift Question or Idea? Just Ask!

Got something else in mind? Run your gift ideas by me in the comments below and I’ll give you my input so you can buy the right gifts before the holidays sneak up on you.

Of course, there are plenty of other potential gifts for guitar players out there that didn’t make this list. If you have a question about a specific gift idea, or perhaps you feel that I left a great gift idea off this list, please let me know in the comments below.

Also, I’d love to hear how they reacted to your gift, so please share.

Happy holidays!

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  1. John
    John says:

    These are awesome. For a long time i was using the plastic twist cover ones and they either broke all the time or kept coming undone. I bought these to try out and wish I would have bought sooner. They work like a charm and have not popped off or broke! Thank Bobby!!

    • Guitar Answer Guy
      Guitar Answer Guy says:

      Awesome! I assume you’re referring to the Guitar Savers strap locks?

      I’m glad to hear that these are working well for you. It’s such a simple idea, but sometimes the simplest solution is the best.


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