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Write for The Guitar Answer Guy – Guest Posting Guidelines

Are you a writer/blogger interested in writing a guest post for The Guitar Answer Guy blog? Sweet! But before you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, I do have some rules and guidelines you should be familiar with before you pitch your idea (please don’t send me full/finished blog posts). These guidelines ensure my readers are getting the best, most helpful content possible, but are also to ensure we don’t violate any of Google’s rules and get ourselves penalized.

All guest posts will include your photo, bio, and a link back to the URL of your choosing. There’s some wiggle room here, so if you have something else in mind, just ask.

My Audience

Readers of The Guitar Answer Guy blog tend to have some combination of these traits:

Primary Audience:

  • Beginner to intermediate guitarists.
  • Guitarists who want to learn how to do their own basic guitar care and maintenance.
  • Guitarists with a specific technical problem or question related to guitar care and maintenance.
  • Primarily in the United States where English is their first (and usually only) language.

Secondary Audience:

  • Aspiring guitarists who haven’t bought a guitar yet, but are looking/shopping for one.
  • People who are not guitarists themselves, but are wanting to buy a guitar (or guitar accessories) for someone else.

Types of Topics I’ll Consider

Now that you know a bit about my readers, you should have a better idea of potential topics you could write about. I’ll accept product reviews , top [x] lists, how-to’s, technical articles, etc. I’ll also accept more philosophical and motivational articles too, as long as they’re geared toward beginners. Some topic ideas include:

  • Top 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Guitar’s Sound
  • Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners
  • End the Confusion: String Types Explained
  • Warning: Don’t Use These Products on Your Guitar
  • What to do When You Feel Like Giving Up (Guitar)

Quality Requirements

We’ve all heard the advice: “Don’t write above a 4th grade level.” I disagree, but I’m not looking for a college dissertation here either. At a minimum, I expect you to understand the rules of basic punctuation and grammar, and you should be someone who would generally describes yourself as a writer, blogger, journalist, etc. When you fill out the form below, please include links to other articles you have written.

A few other points to note:

  • Minimum word count is 800 words.
  • The “ideal” post length is 800 – 1200 words but your post may be longer, if necessary.
  • No profanity. Let’s keep the blog Rated PG.
  • Scientific or medical claims need to be backed by sources. For example, if your post claims that “playing a musical instrument helps relieve stress” then please provide 1-2 external articles (preferably reputable medical websites, not other blogs) that support this.

Requirements for Product Reviews

I decided to write a special section for this, because I hold product reviews to a much higher standard–a standard I’ve created by writing my own awesome, in-depth product reviews.

I only review products that I have personally tried, and I take my own photos of the products–of unboxing, of me using the products, etc. The best way for you to get a sense of what I require for a product review is to look at a couple I’ve written: Product review ex. 1 and Product review ex. 2

Here’s a high level summary:

  • You must have actually used the product you’re reviewing.
  • Product must be available on the U.S. store so that readers can read peer reviews and easily purchase the product if they’d like.
  • You must include your own, self-shot photos (or screenshots if it’s software) of the product. The more, the better.
  • If absolutely necessary, only 1-2 commercial product photos may be used.
  • No need to create the infographics. I will create those for you, just provide me with the info, star ratings, etc.

If none of that worries you and you think you’d like to write an equally awesome product review, definitely reach out to me.

Linking Policies

You may not…

  • You may not link to your own content/website within the blog post itself. The exception is your bio at the end of the post (see “You may…” section below).
  • You may not place affiliate links into your guest post.

You may…

  • You may include a photo, short bio, and a single link back to a URL of your choosing at the end of the post.
  • You may link to other posts on my blog. In fact, bonus points for doing this!
  • You may link externally to other relevant content that you do not own (and have not written), but must check with me first for approval.

You must consent to…

  • I may add my own links into your article.
  • I may add my own affiliate links, banners, or product images into your article.
  • I may add images into your article.

Image Policy

You may include images with your article, as long as…

  • The images look professional and are of a similar style to those I’ve used in other blog posts.
  • The image is your own, original photo, artwork, etc. or you otherwise own the rights/license to use the image and, more importantly, own a license that allows ME to use it as well.

If you submit images with your article, I may ask you to provide proof of the above.

Republishing Policy

Please do not, under any circumstances, submit an article that is already published somewhere else. Your article should be original and unique–written specifically and only for The Guitar Answer Guy blog. It can not exist somewhere else on the Internet or in print. Likewise, after I have published your article on my blog, you can not publish it anywhere else. Doing so will cause Google to penalize us both for duplicate content.

Your blog post is your intellectual property, and you will be given full credit for the article with a photo, short bio, and a link to a URL of your choosing. However, you can not republish it elsewhere while it is live on The Guitar Answer Guy blog. If you ever wish to do so, you must notify me 2 months in advance of when you would like to publish it elsewhere. That way I can remove it from my blog and take other measures so that neither you nor I incur Google penalties.

Editorial Policy

I’m not a control freak, but don’t be offended if we go through 1-2 rounds of revisions, especially when it comes to the title of the post.

After your final article is submitted, I may make last-minute corrections if I happen to see a punctuation or spelling error. This is simply because it’s easier for me to just do it on-the-spot rather than asking you resubmit the article every time. I will never make major changes to the article.

How to Submit a Guest Post Idea

Use the form below to let me know you’re interested. Please don’t send full or finished articles. Specifically here’s what I’m looking for when I receive guest post pitches:

  • Some indication that you’ve at least skimmed my blog and these guidelines.
  • Signs that you actually hand-typed the message and aren’t just blasting-out templated pitches.
  • Your idea (can simply be titles, or more fleshed-out concepts).
  • Your past writing experience, with links to the articles.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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