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Tired of having to take your guitar to the shop for every little thing, then waiting weeks for it to return? Learn what you can do yourself, and when you actually should take it to a pro.

Buying Guitars Online - Setting Realistic Expectations

Buying Guitars Online – Setting Realistic Expectations

One thing that really burns me up is seeing negative reviews left for guitars ordered online–for things that aren’t actually problems or, in some cases, are completely normal. When putting together my recent post on really great beginner electric guitars, I read a lot of negative guitar reviews on Amazon that were totally unfounded. That’s […]

9 Guitar Care Myths... Explained

9 Guitar Care Myths… Explained

When you spend as much time talking to guitarists as I do, you hear it all–myths, misconceptions, misinformation, and outright legend. This is especially true when it comes to guitar care and maintenance. However, there are some that I hear over and over, and that’s what prompted me to write this blog post. Here, I’ve […]

Guitar Cases: The Ultimate Guide

Guitar Cases: The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated: Sept 9, 2017 I still see it every now and then… A guitar being toted around without a guitar case–completely naked and open to the elements. The owner is usually gripping it by the neck or has it tucked under their arm like a school book. The guitar is just one wrong-turn away […]

When a guitar string won't intonate

Why That ONE Guitar String Just Won’t Intonate

Last Updated: June 25, 2017 “I’ve moved my saddle is as far forward/backward as it can possibly go, but the stupid string will not intonate!” If this is you, you’re in the right place. This article is for those of you who already know what intonation is and how to set it on your guitar, […]

Flying with a guitar (as checked baggage)

Flying With a Guitar as Checked Baggage

Greg Asks: “I was wondering if you had any suggestions for flying with a guitar if it is not allowed to be carried on the plane.” Hi Greg! Even though there’s a law that allows musical instruments on flights, it doesn’t mean air crew have to let you take your guitar into the cabin. Just […]

Sharp Frets Suck

Reader Question: My Guitar Has Sharp Fret Ends. Should I File Them?

Bob Asks: “My electric guitar’s fretboard is very dry, so the fret-ends have started protruding and feel sharp. What should I do? Should I buy a fret file and file them down? Will oiling the fretboard with F-One oil fix the issue?” Hi Bob: First, when it comes to sharp frets, I never recommend immediately […]

9 More Mistakes Made by New Guitar Owners

9 More Common Mistakes Made by New Guitar Owners

Awhile back, I wrote an article titled 11 Common Mistakes Made by New Guitar Owners. Wouldn’t ya know it, as soon as I published that article a bunch of other “common mistakes” started coming to me–things I’d completely forgotten about. So, let’s dive in! These aren’t in any particular order… 1. When changing strings, taking all the […]

Should you loosen guitar strings before shipping?

Reader Question: Should You Loosen Guitar Strings Before Shipping?

Markus asks: I just sold a guitar and need to ship it. Should I loosen the strings before I pack it up for shipping? Ever so often, this question comes to me–usually from someone who just sold a guitar online, and is about to pack ‘er up for shipping. There’s a lot of debate out there about […]

8 Mistakes Guitar Players Make That Cause String Buzz

8 Mistakes Guitar Players Make That Cause String Buzz

Last Updated: June 1, 2017 “Why are my guitar strings buzzing!?” It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked by concerned guitar owners. People’s reaction to guitar string buzz varies widely. For some it’s not a concern at all or they simply don’t notice it. For others, however, it can be maddening–to the point that […]

Is lemon oil safe for guitar fretboards?

The Great Lemon Oil Debate. Is Lemon Oil Safe for Guitar Fretboards?

Search Google with a phrase like “is lemon oil safe for guitars” and then click on any of the search results that lead to a guitar discussion forum. Prepare yourself for some fireworks. The discussion usually looks something like this… Guitarist 1: “Hey guys. I’ve heard from some people that lemon oil is great for […]

Guitar Care Warning: You May be Loving Your Guitar to Death

Warning: You May be Loving Your Guitar to Death

Last Updated: Oct 5, 2017 Hey, we love our guitars, right? We want to take care of them so they continue to give us a lifetime of joy and self-expression. However, when it comes to guitar care and our efforts to pamper our axes, it’s possible to overdo it–using too much stuff too often, or […]

Reader Question: Should I Loosen my Guitar Strings?

Reader Question: Should I loosen my guitar strings when I’m not playing it?

Mihail Asks: I play my guitar almost every day. Do I need to keep the strings loose or is it alright to keep the guitar tuned up? The Short Answer: Keep your guitar tuned up to pitch, especially if you play it regularly. There’s really no reason to detune a guitar that you play regularly […]

Your guitar is not a salad

Your Guitar is Not a Salad

Last Updated: May 4, 2017 At some point in every guitar owner’s journey they’ll hear the following advice: “You should oil your guitar’s fretboard.” While this is true, in reality you don’t need to oil your fretboard very often, and when you do, you don’t need to use very much. I’ve seen 30-year-old guitars that have NEVER […]

Reader Q & A: Should I Drill my Classical Guitar for a Guitar Strap?

Kathleen Asks: Do people drill into Classical guitars? I have a Classical guitar and would like to have strap buttons installed for a guitar strap. My Answer: Well, before you even consider drilling… know that there are “Classical” guitar straps available. Don’t be fooled by the name though–they’re not just for Classical guitars, and work […]

11 Common Mistakes Made by New Guitar Owners

11 Common Mistakes Made by New Guitar Owners

Why 11 guitar mistakes? Why not a nice, even number like 10? Sure, most blog posts would stop at 10, but this one goes to 11. Here, I’d like to outline 11 common mistakes that I continually see new (and some experienced) guitar owners make, and how to avoid them. You’ve got plenty to work on and practice without these […]

Wipe your guitar strings after every practice

Don’t Forget to Wipe… Your Guitar Strings

Last Updated: August 15, 2017 Wiping your guitar strings, fretboard, and neck after you play is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest things you can do to: Clean your guitar strings so they last longer, sound better, and feel better Reduce buildup of gunk on your guitar’s fretboard Reduce the buildup of gunk on the back […]

Oasis digital hygrometer and guitar humidifier

Humidity! A Guide to Understanding How Humidity Affects Guitars

Last Updated: August 20, 2017 If you own a guitar, especially if it’s acoustic and one of the more expensive models, you need to understand how humidity affects guitars. Every time someone writes to me asking why a crack has mysteriously appeared or some part of their guitar has come unglued, I shed a single, […]