Guitar Lessons & Theory

I’m mainly a guitar care/repair guy, so admittedly this section is a little light right now. However, I’ve invited some talented guitar teachers to write articles for this section, so stay tuned!

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7 Simple Mistakes Self-Taught Guitarists Make - and How to Fix Them

7 Simple Mistakes That Self-Taught Guitarists Make – And How to Fix Them

Being a guitar instructor means I often get to witness novice players doing some pretty weird things. I don’t mean pig’s blood and a chicken foot type weird–I mean “where on earth did you get that” kind of weird. Many of these errors in a guitarist’s technique or conceptual understanding come about by a simple […]

The very basics of music theory for guitarists

The Very Basics of Music Theory for Guitarists

Learning music theory is less common with guitar than it is with other instruments. It’s absolutely possible for guitarists to reach extremely advanced technical ability levels while knowing next to nothing about music theory.  However, for a working musician it’s an essential skill. Transcribing your songs, using music software, teaching, professional composing, or directing the Philharmonic […]