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I only review products that I’ve actually tried and touched with my own two hands. Here you’ll find every product review I’ve ever written (with more being added regularly).

Thalia Capo Review - 200 Series

Thalia Capo Review – The 200 Series

Man I hate buying capos. Unless you can try the thing on your guitar(s) first it’s a real crap-shoot. I can’t tell you how many capos I’ve had to return over the years because it looked promising, but ultimately knocked my strings out of tune or let some open strings buzz. Some capos actually did both. […]

Hercules AGS Guitar Stand Review

Hercules AGS Guitar Stand Review – GS414B

It’s ironic how much damage can happen to your guitar when you’re not even playing it. One of the most common scenarios is your guitar getting knocked off the stand, or the guitar stand itself getting knocked over (with your guitar in it). While you can get traditional tripod or A-frame style guitar stands for […]

G7th Performance 2 Guitar Capo Review

G7th Performance 2 Capo Review

I’ve been wanting a new capo for awhile now–one that can be placed and moved easily with one hand, but isn’t a big mechanical contraption hanging off my guitar neck. That pretty much ruled out all the “trigger style” capos on the market. This is why I was intrigued with the G7th Performance 2 capo. It seemed like […] Demo and Walkthrough

Is Right for You? Video Demo and Walkthrough

Have you thought about signing up for a membership, but weren’t sure if it was worth the price? Have you seen the ads everywhere online but been hesitant to pull the trigger? Well, let me help you decide by taking you through every nook and cranny of the user interface. JamPlay Video Demo & Walkthrough Dude, […]

D'Addario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner - Product Review

D’Addario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner Review

Tired of Headstock Tuners? Up until this review, I’d used a couple different headstock-mounted, clip-on tuners. My biggest complaints about these clip-on tuners are that they’re either too “micro” or too big. I liked the tiny, inconspicuous one, but it could be difficult to situate among my tuning pegs and could also be difficult to see. The bigger […]

Humitar Acoustic Guitar Humidifier: In-Depth Product Review

Humitar Review: Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Right up-front, I want to put something out there: I went into this Humitar review with a negative bias–I didn’t want to like the Humitar. In other words, I didn’t even want to test drive this guitar humidifier because of my past experience with sponge-type guitar humidifiers. I’d decided I just don’t like ‘em. Why, you […]

What is the best beginner electric guitar?

Reader Question: What’s the Best Beginner Electric Guitar?

Andrea asks: What’s the best electric guitar you’d recommend for a beginner? Hi Andrea: Since you specified that you want an electric guitar, I can jump right in and talk about just electric guitars, rather than first answering the whole acoustic vs. electric question. I don’t think a total beginner should spend a lot of money […]

The String Stretcha Product Review

Product Review: The String Stretcha

  Stretching Guitar Strings – Back in the Day For years I stretched my guitar strings just like everyone else: by hand. As much as I hated stretching guitar strings this way, I never questioned it because that’s how we all did it–there really was no alternative. And like most things guitar-related, everyone had their […]